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Real Volume (24H)$351.26
Fully Diluted Valuation$651,286
ATH Date5/2/2022, 1:41:59 AM
ATL Date12/16/2022, 10:55:14 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply2.1B
Popularity Rank3680
What is CheckerChain?

CheckerChain Protocol (CHECKR) is a revolutionary review-to-earn platform built on trustless review consensus mechanisms using blockchain and AI/ML technology. The platform is designed to solve the problem of manipulated and fake reviews that plagues the existing review aggregator platforms. Traditional centralized review platforms do not even incentivize users for their contributions. CheckerChain aims to offer a more transparent and secure platform for reviewers and businesses.

The platform is built on MultiversX (previously Elrond) blockchain and integrated with IPFS to maintain censorship-resistant applications. The smart contracts of CheckerChain protocol are powered by blockchain technology, which partially solves the need for transparent and tamper-proof reviews.

One of the most innovative features of CheckerChain is the trustless review consensus mechanism (tRCM). This mechanism enables reviewers to meet a consensus on an opinion without the need to know each other's opinions. This completely removes the chance of fake or manipulated reviews receiving any incentives, thus ensuring the platform's integrity.

CheckerChain's utilities include a trustless review platform, review-to-earn platform, tRCM as a Service (TaaS) for third parties, revenue sharing (advertisement & service fees), single asset staking, leaderboard, and governance.

CheckerChain's trustless review platform ensures that users can write honest reviews, and businesses can receive genuine feedback from their customers. The review-to-earn platform incentivizes users to write reviews by rewarding them with CHECKR tokens, which can be used for various utilities on the platform.

The tRCM as a Service (TaaS) feature allows third parties to use CheckerChain's trustless review consensus mechanism for their platforms. This feature ensures that businesses can verify the authenticity of reviews on their platforms and protect themselves from fake reviews.

Revenue sharing on the CheckerChain platform works through the advertisement and service fees charged to businesses. The revenue generated is shared with the users who write reviews, thus providing an additional incentive for users to write quality reviews.

Single asset staking is another utility offered by CheckerChain. Users can stake their CHECKR tokens to earn passive income on the platform. This feature provides users with an additional opportunity to earn on the platform while contributing to its growth.

The leaderboard feature ranks users based on the quality and quantity of their reviews. This feature provides an additional incentive for users to write quality reviews and encourages healthy competition among reviewers.

Lastly, governance on CheckerChain ensures that the platform remains decentralized and democratic. The platform's decision-making process is governed by a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) that is controlled by CHECKR token holders. This feature ensures that the platform remains transparent and accountable to its users.

In conclusion, CheckerChain is a revolutionary platform that aims to solve the problem of fake and manipulated reviews on existing review aggregator platforms. The platform's trustless review consensus mechanism ensures that only genuine reviews receive incentives, providing a transparent and secure platform for reviewers and businesses. The platform's various utilities, including revenue sharing, staking, and governance, provide users with multiple opportunities to earn and contribute to the platform's growth.


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