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Real Volume (24H)$73,864.27
Fully Diluted Valuation$5,935,865
ATH Date7/25/2022, 11:03:44 AM
ATL Date12/11/2022, 4:58:19 PM
Circulating Supply102M
Total Supply425M
Popularity Rank2502
What is ChangeX?

ChangeX is a mobile application that is revolutionizing the world of DeFi and CeFi. This multi-chain, non-custodial hybrid app has been designed with a focus on PoS assets, and is creating a unique leveraged staking product that enables users to earn up to 2x APR on their existing assets. What's more, the app also features a Visa card that enables users to spend their staking income without interrupting their staking, as well as an integrated bank account.

The app's governance token is called CHANGE, which has a fixed supply and offers high staking APR. It harnesses the inflationary economy of all integrated staking assets within the ChangeX app, distributing their flexible pool income to CHANGE token holders. This combines the best of both worlds - a fixed supply with steady staking rewards.

In addition, CHANGE is deflationary, as 30% of all crypto-crypto and fiat-crypto trading fees on the ChangeX app will be used to power a buy-and-burn mechanism, thus reducing the total supply. Furthermore, CHANGE is multi-chain, as it has ERC20 and HRC20 tokens and is therefore present on both Ethereum and Hydra blockchains. Finally, holding CHANGE tokens also provides users with voting rights, enabling them to participate in the process of approving new listings and the integration of new leveraged staking assets into the ecosystem.

CHANGE tokens were created at genesis in July 2022, and there will never be more tokens generated. The current circulating supply as of July 2022 is a little more than 30,000,000 CHANGE tokens, with 74,000 CHANGE tokens released on a daily basis from the initial staking pool as staking rewards. Tokens will gradually come into circulation as cliff period ends for the public sale participants on 30 Sep 2022 and vesting starts up until 30 Sep 2024 (35.3% of all tokens generated), as staking rewards are earned and as other allocations are unlocked with different cliff and vesting periods (e.g. IEOs and Tier 1 Institutional investors - 23.6%). In the meantime, ChangeX will apply its buy-and-burn mechanism to 30% of all trading fees on the ChangeX app to reduce the total and circulating supply.

The founders of ChangeX are a team of crypto veterans with a $600 M track record. They have expertise in building and operating blockchain platforms, tokenomics, conducting ICOs and IDOs, and crypto compliance since 2011. CEO Nick Iliev and co-founder Guerassim Guerassimov have been managing a centralized crypto platform since 2017 and a DeFi crypto fund since the beginning of 2021. Founders Nikola Alexandrov and Hristo Tenchev bring more than 10 years of experience in the space with Bitcoin7 crypto exchange, Hydra Blockchain, and LockTrip projects. Meanwhile, CTO Martin Kuvandzhiev is one of the core developers of Bitcoin Gold.

The team started working on ChangeX at the end of 2021, and as of July 2022, more than 20 people work at ChangeX, with the developer, marketing, and operations teams continuing to grow.

In conclusion, ChangeX is a multi-chain, non-custodial hybrid app that is changing the face of DeFi and CeFi. With its unique leveraged staking product, high staking APR, and deflationary token economy, ChangeX is poised to become a major player in the world of decentralized finance.


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