Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$1,149.94
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date6/19/2019, 3:33:27 AM
ATL Date4/14/2022, 2:51:36 AM
Circulating Supply818K
Total Supply891K
Popularity Rank3425
What is BOMB?

Bomb (BOMB) is an open-source cryptocurrency project that aims to counter the inflation issues faced by cryptocurrencies worldwide. The project is community-driven and was initiated as a social experiment to develop a deflationary token. Deflationary tokens are cryptocurrencies that decrease in total supply with every token transfer activity. To achieve this deflationary structure, Bomb was developed on the Ethereum platform using immutable smart contracts. Immutable smart contracts signify irreversible pre-determined programs used to develop cryptocurrencies.

Bomb seeks to resolve the "token velocity problem" faced by other cryptocurrencies where the pace at which they circulate on their native platform's ecosystem is usually high, leading to a decrease in the long-term stability of the token. To address this, Bomb integrates a self-destructing mechanism in its smart contract, making it a solution to the token velocity problem while providing long-term stability. This mechanism includes a coin-burning process, where tokens are sent to an inaccessible wallet to decrease supply and increase the asset price.

The self-destructing framework makes the Bomb token ideal for use as a decentralized financial underwriting rather than a transactional token for daily use. Besides this usage, the token also provides users with speed, privacy, and cross-border exchange facility, fulfilling the vision of Bomb to be the Bitcoin of the deflationary token. However, the token does not assure any other operational value or rewards to its holders, reflecting BOMB as a purely staking utility to counter token velocity problems of the crypto world.

To meet the demand from Bomb's community to see the BOMB token on Uniswap, the project also launched its wrapped token, denoted by its ticker WBOMB. The wrapped token is a financial representation of the underlying token, in this case, BOMB, which facilitates the value and representation of the underlying token on other blockchains. The main reason behind the introduction of the WBOMB was based on the inability of Uniswap to support the coin-burning process of the BOMB token. Hence, unlike the BOMB token, the WBOMB token does not reflect a coin-burning mechanism when the tokens are on the Uniswap platform.

The Bomb cryptocurrency is a community-driven project created by Zachary Dash on February 11, 2019. The token of the project has a maximum supply of 1,000,000 BOMB, which was initially minted when the token launched. BOMB is created by the process of minting the tokens on the Ethereum platform using an immutable smart contract. There is no possibility of any further minting in the future.

In conclusion, Bomb (BOMB) is a unique cryptocurrency that offers a solution to the token velocity problem faced by other cryptocurrencies. With its self-destructing mechanism, it provides long-term stability and serves as a decentralized financial underwriting. Its wrapped token, WBOMB, facilitates the value and representation of the underlying token on other blockchains. As a community-driven project, Bomb has gained popularity among crypto enthusiasts who see it as a solution to the challenges faced by other cryptocurrencies.


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