Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$826,713.97
Fully Diluted Valuation$100,000,000
ATH Date10/29/2022, 11:34:15 AM
ATL Date7/25/2022, 9:15:17 PM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply650K
Popularity Rank6198
What is BMAX?

If you're looking for a yield aggregator token that truly holds its value, then you need to check out BMAX. What makes BMAX stand out from other reward tokens is that it's designed to be deflationary. This means that it's specifically created to hold its value and increase in worth over time, making it a valuable reward token for the community members who hold it long-term.

One of the key features that sets BMAX apart from other tokens is that it has a total fixed supply of 5 billion tokens, with none of these tokens going to the team or early investors. Unlike most reward tokens, BMAX is backed by an underlying asset pool consisting of the tokens that investors originally deposited. BMAX tokens aren't created out of thin air, so their value is closely tied to the underlying asset pool.

To provide even more value to its community members, Bitrue, the team behind BMAX, will be executing regular market buybacks of BMAX tokens. These buybacks will occur at least three times per quarter and will further reduce the circulating supply, adding even more deflationary pressure to BMAX. The tokens derived from buybacks will be treated as locked tokens, which means they won't be available for circulation, further limiting supply and increasing demand.

The exact dates and details of the market buybacks won't be disclosed to prevent market speculation. However, you can rest assured that Bitrue is working hard to create a high-yielding, deflationary asset management token that's free from manipulations and truly reflects its intrinsic value.

The initial circulation of BMAX will come from an airdrop of 5 million tokens, which will be held for existing holders of the BTR token. Further tokens will be distributed via yield farming pools, which are the only way to receive BMAX tokens.

By holding BMAX tokens, users can earn rewards while taking advantage of the deflationary pressures that will likely cause the tokens to be worth more in the future. In addition to holding BMAX, users will also have the option to stake or trade their tokens manually.

BTR holders will have governance over the BMAX yield farming hub, allowing them to vote on which pools to open, modify the interest rates for those pools, and decide on the amount of funds allocated to buybacks. While BTR is a governance token, BMAX is a rewards token, designed to complement one another and ensure that both tokens are deflationary in nature.

As the asset management hub removes BTR tokens from circulation, Bitrue hopes that BTR will become a utility token that increases in value over time, while BMAX remains focused on the asset management hub. To help keep the total circulating supply of BTR in check, 4% of the tax fees collected from the asset management hub will be dedicated to BTR buybacks.

In summary, if you're looking for a deflationary asset management token that truly holds its value, then BMAX is the token for you. With a fixed supply, regular market buybacks, and governance by BTR holders, BMAX is designed to be a valuable reward token for the Bitrue community.


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