bloXmove Token

bloXmove Token


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$268,809
Fully Diluted Valuation$19,888,363
Circulating Supply4.4M
Total Supply50M
Popularity Rank1718
What is bloXmove Token?

BloXmove (BLXM) is a revolutionary decentralized solutions provider that aims to create a globally collaborative urban mobility alliance. The platform is built on blockchain technology, which helps to achieve efficient and eco-friendly mobility solutions for the end-users. BloXmove is working tirelessly to develop advanced DLT-based solutions that offer mobile service providers a collaborative and efficient spirit.

The foundation of BloXmove is laid on the globally distributed mobility infrastructure that aims to create a more efficient and less congested world of urban mobility. The platform offers various features that make it stand out from other mobility solutions providers. These features include:

Unified Identities: BloXmove uses Decentralized Identifiers (DID) to detect contributing companies, customers, or devices. These identities are used in every transaction, and their credentials are cryptographically authenticated and digitally signed.

Open Protocols: The platform provides all interfaces and protocols free of cost. BloXmove believes in the protocol economy, where protocols and interfaces should be public to prevent vendor locking and centralized control by those who control and own exchanges.

Financial Settlement and Revenue Distribution: The platform ensures fully regulatory and compliant financial booking and settlement based on Distributed Ledger Technology. The platform provides accommodation for pure crypto scenarios and regulated markets with financial and accounting regulations.

Easy Integration via Pluggable Interfaces: BloXmove provides synchronous (API) and asynchronous interfaces (message bus, events) that make integration into any system simple and hassle-free.

Trust: BloXmove aims to provide end-to-end security that helps to build a trustworthy ecosystem.

The BLXM Token is a utility and governance token that ensures the smooth operation of the bloXmove protocol. The protocol is designed to drive urban mobility and decentralize mobility as a Service (MaaS). The BLXM token offers various features that make it unique, including:

Utility: The BLXM token is used to pay for decentralized mobility services and business transactions.

Incentivization: Users and operators are rewarded with BLXM for contributing to carbon neutrality and sustainable mobility. Token holders are also rewarded for staking BLXM tokens into the fund's vault, and they can also earn rewards for providing liquidity pairs to the fund's treasury.

Governance: The community gathers as a semi-DAO where fully qualified community members make decisions about the activities of the BLXM token. Voting rights are granted when token holders stake their tokens, and the foundation makes specific decisions about Web3-based (DApp) voting on a case-by-case basis.

BloXmove was founded by Sophia Rodiger (CEO), Dr. Harry Behrens, and Bernd Hanisch (CFO). The total supply of the BLXM token is 50,000,000 coins, and the platform continues to innovate and provide efficient mobility solutions for the world. With BloXmove, the future of urban mobility looks bright and eco-friendly.


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