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Real Volume (24H)$19,556.44
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date11/13/2021, 11:05:38 PM
ATL Date8/30/2021, 7:48:52 AM
Circulating Supply72K
Total Supply140K
Popularity Rank1746
What is Bird.Money?

Bird is revolutionizing the way dApp developers build user experiences for the Web3.0 era. By utilizing machine learning predictions at the wallet level and integrating them into a decentralized, permissionless on-chain oracle, developers can unlock a world of new possibilities. With Bird's innovative technology, developers can offer a more personalized experience to their users, such as dynamic loan options in the DeFi space or investment terms through launchpad initiatives.

Bird's predictive products take inspiration from the growth of Web2.0 companies like Google and Facebook, who leveraged behavioral prediction technology to reach new heights. However, these centralized models have resulted in significant power and wealth imbalances. By fusing cutting-edge ML with open and decentralized technology, Bird is creating a new business model that is fair, inclusive, and community-driven.

In this new model, decisions around sensitive data usage and user behavior analysis will be made by the community, rather than a central authority. This aligns the long-term incentives of Bird administrators with those of the ecosystem users, ensuring everyone is working towards the same goals. Community profit-sharing further cements this alignment, allowing everyone to thrive in this new, decentralized world.

By incorporating machine learning into the dApp development process, Bird is not only improving user experiences but also addressing one of the key pain points in the current decentralized world. Decentralized applications have struggled to deliver the same level of user-friendliness and ease of use as their centralized counterparts, and Bird's technology aims to bridge that gap. With the ability to analyze and predict user behavior, dApps can provide a more tailored and seamless experience, leading to wider adoption and growth of the Web3.0 ecosystem.

In a world where data privacy and security are increasingly important, Bird's decentralized and permissionless oracle provides the necessary security and transparency. The community, or token holders, have the power to decide how sensitive data is used, ensuring that the ecosystem remains open and fair for everyone. The community also benefits from the ecosystem's growth, as profit-sharing incentivizes everyone to work together towards a common goal.

With the integration of Bird's technology, dApp developers can take the first step towards creating a more accessible, user-friendly, and decentralized future. By leveraging the power of machine learning and decentralization, Bird is paving the way for a new era of innovation and growth in the decentralized world. The possibilities are endless, and Bird is committed to empowering developers to build the Web3.0 experience of the future.


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