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Real Volume (24H)$1,247.02
Fully Diluted Valuation$46,277,358
ATH Date11/23/2021, 8:54:31 AM
ATL Date5/23/2021, 9:42:55 PM
Circulating Supply43,263T
Total Supply100,000T
Popularity Rank2927
What is Bezoge Earth?

Bezoge Earth is a unique and innovative platform that blends the world of memes, gaming, and blockchain technology. The platform is centered around a play-to-earn role-playing game that is set in a virtual universe called the “meme metaverse”. The metaverse is a combination of various technical elements, including virtual reality and augmented videos, which allow players to immerse themselves in a completely digital world.

The Legends of Bezogia is the centerpiece of the Bezoge Earth platform. This sandbox-style game lets players summon their own unique Bezogi characters from a wide range of breeds. The characters are represented by Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), which are digital assets that represent the ownership of unique items such as collectibles, artworks, etc.

Each Bezogi character is unique and comes with its own playstyle, lore, and abilities. The characters can be used to explore the vast world of Bezogia, fight battles, and complete quests. The team behind Bezoge Earth has also announced plans to launch the Bezoge Earth Game, which will be a mission-based game where players will work together to rebuild the Earth.

The storyline of Bezoge Earth is centered around the task of rebuilding the world after a catastrophic event. A rocket burns up in the atmosphere and explodes, destroying half the Earth, and it is up to the players to bring the world back to life. The characters in the game are referred to as Bezogis, and they exist on the blockchain as NFTs.

There are four different types of Bezogi characters in the game: Baby Bezogi, Child Bezogi, Adult Bezogi, and Elderly Bezogi. These characters are available in eight different colors in the first edition: blue, green, red, orange, black, white, gold, and yellow. The rarity of a character depends on the color combination, with solid-colored Bezogis being the most rare.

The unique characteristics of each Bezogi are derived from the color of its various body parts, such as fur, eyes, nose, and fur trim. These characteristics can impact the Bezogi's skill boosts and abilities. The DNA and breed of the Bezogi is also determined by the two Bezogis used to summon it. The rarity of a Bezogi also depends on the “purity of blood” of the summoners.

One of the key features of Bezoge Earth is that players have complete digital ownership of their NFTs. The NFTs are stored on the blockchain and protected by a wallet, ensuring that they cannot be stolen or lost. Players can also freely buy, sell, or gift their NFTs, and they can be shared across multiple applications.

The token used on the Bezoge Earth platform is called $Bezoge and is a multi-utility ERC-208 token. The token is used for a variety of purposes, including ensuring a fair and decentralized distribution of control, building a strong community, and capturing the best elements of blockchain gaming, e-commerce, and NFTs.

The governance of the Bezoge Earth platform is managed by the Doggy DAO, which is a decentralized autonomous organization. This self-organization allows participants to engage and make decisions that impact the community as a whole.

Bezoge Earth is more than just a simple cryptocurrency. It is a fully-featured ecosystem that encompasses various elements of virtual reality, augmented videos, and blockchain technology to create a metaverse where users can immerse themselves in a digital world. At the center of this ecosystem is the Legends of Bezogia, a play-to-earn role-playing game that allows players to summon their own unique Bezogi characters by minting NFTs.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are used to represent the ownership of unique digital assets such as collectibles or artworks. Each Bezogi character is unique to the player and their playstyle, as they fight, craft, and explore the vast world of Bezogia. The Bezoge Earth Game, soon to be launched by the development team, will have players rebuilding the Earth after a rocket crash-landing causes widespread destruction.

The characters in the game are referred to as Bezogi, and each one is unique, with its own set of characteristics, abilities, and lore. They exist on the blockchain and their NFTs are stored on the blockchain, ensuring that players have full digital ownership and control over their assets. Even players without NFTs can still participate in the game by using a generic character.

In the world of Bezoge, players have four types of Bezogi characters to choose from: Baby, Child, Adult, and Elderly Bezogi. The first edition of the game features eight different colors for these characters, with the odds of getting a solid-colored character being very rare. The character's DNA and breed are determined by the two Bezogi used to summon it, with rarer and purebred Bezogi having a higher chance of appearing based on the "purity of blood" of the summoners.

The token9 in the Bezoge Earth ecosystem is represented by $Bezoge and is a multi-utility ERC-208 token. It can be used for various purposes, including decentralizing control, building a community, and capturing the best of blockchain gaming, e-commerce, and the entertainment industry. The governance of the platform is managed by the Doggy DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that allows community members to engage and make decisions.

In addition to the Legends of Bezogia, the Bezoge Earth ecosystem also includes an e-commerce platform called Memazon. This platform allows users to sell real-world merchandise and accept cryptocurrencies as payment. Token holders are rewarded based on a tier system, with top-tier members receiving early access to NFT sales and free shipping.

Bezoge Earth was founded in 2021 by three individuals, Rob, Jeff, and Doglord, with the goal of creating a frictionless, borderless community and ecosystem. The team is made up of developers, business leaders, executives, and experts, and the smart contract deployment was held without pre-sales.

New tokens in the Bezoge Earth ecosystem are created via the Bezogi Origin Block. Users can choose how many blocks they want to mint and then click the mint button. Each wallet is limited to a maximum number of blocks that can be minted. This process allows players to summon a random character in the game and continue their journey in the metaverse of Bezoge Earth.


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