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Real Volume (24H)$1,407.36
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date2/18/2022, 1:12:38 PM
ATL Date12/1/2022, 2:58:11 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply185K
Popularity RankN/A
What is Betify?

GambleFi is an innovative Rebasing DAO that combines the rebasing mechanism with a variety of DeFi services to bring exponential revenue back to the protocol treasury and shareholders. The ecosystem is divided into two main sectors, namely the Rebasing DAO and External services, including Zero Loss Sports Betting, Leveraged Sports Betting, and Betting as a Service.

GambleFi has taken note of the mistakes committed by various other Rebasing protocols, such as Wonderland and Olympus, and has made tweaks to ensure that it offers superior features to its investors. One of the most requested features from investors has been revenue redistribution, which GambleFi now offers.

At launch, GambleFi comes equipped with a plethora of features for the Rebasing DAO. These features include Vesting Reduction NFTs, Staking, Bonding, and Revenue Redistribution. Vesting Reduction NFTs are NFT Boosters that reduce the users' vesting period for bond purchases. Staking and Bonding options are also available to allow users to purchase the native token at a discount. Revenue Redistribution is a key feature that splits treasury earnings with BETIFY stakers in any given month.

The External services provided by GambleFi are also impressive. Zero Loss Betting is a unique feature that allows users to bet on the most anticipated sports events through GambleFi's betting protocol. Winners win big prizes, while losers never compromise their initial investment. To make the system work, user funds are sent into a staking pool or farm for up to two weeks, where they farm rewards. After the event occurs, winners receive their initial assets back and the rewards farmed, while losers receive their initial assets back.

Leveraged Betting is another exciting feature that allows users to take on leveraged positions to improve their earnings on the betting protocol. This allows for potentially higher returns, but also comes with higher risk.

Betting as a Service is a feature that allows users to create their own events, whether they are related to sports or not. This allows them to earn revenue from the event they created and opens up a huge door for influencers to join the DeFi landscape with their communities.

In conclusion, GambleFi offers a unique and comprehensive platform that combines Rebasing DAO with a variety of DeFi services. With features like revenue redistribution, Vesting Reduction NFTs, Zero Loss Betting, Leveraged Betting, and Betting as a Service, it is clear that GambleFi is a one-stop-shop for all your DeFi needs. Investors and users alike will benefit greatly from this innovative and forward-thinking platform.


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