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Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted Valuation$3,742.6
ATH Date5/6/2022, 6:09:55 AM
ATL Date11/28/2022, 6:45:33 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1B
Popularity Rank5678
What is BB Gaming?

Big Beans Gaming is an innovative multiplayer role-playing game that revolves around the BeansPack NFT collection. The game's primary token is $HONEY, and players can earn it through a wide range of activities, such as farming, breeding, and competing with other players. Additionally, the game features a bespoke P2E model that enables players to benefit directly from the value they provide.

Beyond earning tokens and embarking on quests, BeansPack NFT holders have access to exclusive membership benefits, including the ability to add specific gaming features like weapons and ships, secure governance rights, and beta testing opportunities. Investors can also purchase virtual land that offers a passive income stream. These virtual land factories are individual properties that produce resources within the game, and players can redeem them for $HONEY.

Big Beans Gaming offers a comprehensive ecosystem that includes play-to-earn gaming, NFTs, virtual land, cartoons, and action figures, an exclusive NFT marketplace, and mini-games. The virtual currencies supported by the ecosystem are the Beans token and the in-game $HONEY token, which players can earn by participating in various activities.

The buyback system is designed to remove tokens from the total supply and consists of two distinct components. The primary component is a simple sales tax, where a 10% sales tax is charged on each sale on the platform to process the buy order. The tokens received through the sales tax are immediately burned, reducing the total number of tokens in the ecosystem.

The secondary component of the buyback system is more complex. It accelerates the token's value increase by purchasing twice the U.S dollar value of the most recent sale within a given period. As a result, twice as many tokens are purchased, leading to an increase in the token's price. The tokens bought through this process are immediately burned from the total supply. These two components ensure that a healthy supply of tokens is consistently burned from the ecosystem, preventing the currency from becoming a victim of inflation.

In conclusion, Big Beans Gaming is an exciting new game that offers players a chance to earn $HONEY and enjoy various benefits, including governance rights, beta testing opportunities, and access to exclusive membership features. With a comprehensive ecosystem that includes NFTs, virtual land, and an exclusive marketplace, players can enjoy a unique gaming experience. The buyback system ensures a healthy supply of tokens is burned from the ecosystem, creating a sustainable currency that avoids inflation.


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