Baby Lovely Inu

Baby Lovely Inu


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$36,628.44
Fully Diluted Valuation$193,012
ATH Date2/14/2022, 11:48:50 AM
ATL Date5/13/2022, 9:03:28 PM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply100T
Popularity Rank5380
What is Baby Lovely Inu?

Baby Lovely Inu: Revolutionizing Liquidity Yield with Deflationary Tokenomics

Baby Lovely Inu sets out to establish itself as an independent liquidity yield protocol, as outlined in its whitepaper. Liquidity, in the realm of cryptocurrencies, refers to a coin's ability to be quickly converted into currency or other digital tokens. To achieve this, the platform introduces a deflationary token that aims to maintain its value over time by gradually reducing its supply.

The primary objective of Baby Lovely Inu is to offer compelling benefits to its token holders through static rewards. The platform incorporates a burn or buyback strategy known as "The Plutus," named after the Greek god of wealth. Transaction fees collected are converted into Binance exchange (BNB) and securely stored in the buyback contract of Baby Lovely Inu. These funds, known as the Plutu's Reserves, are independent of the token's price and serve as a long-term asset for the platform. Additionally, the platform features a decentralized exchange that enables traders to securely exchange their BEP-20 tokens for other digital assets, further enhancing liquidity.

The platform's native token is symbolized as BLOVELY and is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BLOVELY operates as a hyper-deflationary token, a concept conceived and developed by the token holders themselves. Hyper-deflationary tokens are designed to experience significant deflation by systematically burning a portion of tokens with every transfer. Coin burning involves removing a predetermined amount of coins from circulation by sending them to a wallet with no private key, effectively reducing the token supply and enhancing scarcity.

Users of the platform have the opportunity to stake their tokens to earn BLOVELY rewards. Staking contributes to stabilizing the token's value and securing the network through a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. By participating in staking, users actively support the network's operations while being rewarded with additional BLOVELY tokens.

Baby Lovely Inu sets an ambitious goal to increase the token's price from 0.00000001$ to 0.01$ within six months of its launch. This upward trajectory demonstrates the platform's commitment to driving value and delivering growth potential to its community.

The journey of Baby Lovely Inu began on September 16, 2021, with the support of Lovely Finance Group. The project boasts a dedicated team, with Louis Baker leading as the CEO, supported by Jonathon Rios as the CTO and Jason Morales as the developer. Their collective expertise and vision drive the platform's development and ensure the realization of its goals.

The maximum total supply of the Baby Lovely Inu token is set at a hundred trillion. This supply cap ensures a controlled and sustainable token distribution, contributing to a balanced and thriving ecosystem.

In conclusion, Baby Lovely Inu stands at the forefront of the liquidity yield space, introducing a deflationary token with unique features and benefits. With its deflationary tokenomics, static rewards, burn and buyback strategy, and a thriving staking mechanism, Baby Lovely Inu aims to create a dynamic and rewarding environment for its token holders. As the platform continues to evolve and grow, it strives to increase the value of the BLOVELY token while fostering transparency, security, and innovation within the cryptocurrency space.


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