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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted Valuation$9,911,654
ATH Date5/4/2021, 12:31:08 AM
ATL Date5/16/2021, 6:08:03 AM
Circulating Supply4.7M
Total Supply4.7M
Popularity Rank1931
What is B.Protocol?

B.Protocol is an innovative decentralized platform designed to bring the benefits of MakerDAO and Compound (with plans to integrate Aave and other DeFi lending platforms) to users while providing an added layer of security through its backstop feature. Governed and owned by $BPRO holders, the platform offers a unique combination of decentralized finance and centralized best practices.

The backstop feature, commonly used in both traditional finance (TradFi) and centralized crypto systems, serves as a tool for handling liquidations. In the event of a loan default, the backstop ensures that liquidation proceeds are shared among users in proportion to their usage of the protocol. This means that users can enjoy the benefits of DeFi lending platforms without having to worry about the risk of losing their funds in case of a loan default.

The B.Protocol platform was launched in October 2020 and initially integrated with MakerDAO. In the following months, the platform was also integrated with Compound, further expanding its reach and user base. As a non-custodial solution, B.Protocol keeps users in complete control of their funds, ensuring that they are not at risk of losing access to their assets in the event of a security breach or any other unforeseen event.

By combining the best of both DeFi and centralized finance, B.Protocol is revolutionizing the way that users access and participate in decentralized lending and borrowing. Whether you're a seasoned crypto user or a newcomer to the world of decentralized finance, B.Protocol provides a secure and accessible platform for anyone looking to make the most of their assets.

The B.Protocol is a revolutionary solution for the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. It combines the best features of traditional finance with the advantages of blockchain technology. The protocol is designed to bring the concept of a backstop to DeFi, providing users with a safety net against liquidations. This is especially important in the DeFi space, where the risk of liquidation is higher due to the absence of centralized intermediaries.

With the B.Protocol, users can enjoy the benefits of platforms like MakerDAO and Compound, but with added protection against liquidations. This protection is provided by the BPRO token, which is the governance token for the protocol. Holders of BPRO tokens have a say in the protocol's governance and are entitled to a share of the liquidation proceeds. The B.Protocol is a non-custodial solution, meaning that users retain full control over their funds at all times.

The B.Protocol was created to address the challenges of DeFi, such as the absence of a centralized backstop, the risk of liquidation, and the potential for funds to be locked up in smart contracts. The protocol offers a solution to these problems by providing a backstop mechanism that is governed by $BPRO holders and based on the best practices of both traditional finance and crypto centralized systems.

In summary, the B.Protocol offers a unique solution for DeFi users, providing them with the benefits of MakerDAO and Compound, along with a backstop mechanism to protect against liquidations. With the B.Protocol, users can enjoy the advantages of decentralized finance while keeping their funds safe and secure.


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