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Real Volume (24H)$18.63
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date1/28/2020, 11:02:38 AM
ATL Date4/26/2022, 7:07:36 PM
Circulating Supply139M
Total Supply500M
Popularity Rank3633
What is Azuma Coin?

Azuma is a gaming platform that seeks to create a true metaverse, functioning through cross-platform technologies. The team has taken the first step in this journey by introducing Azuma - "Unification," a game platform that merges an open-world multiplayer environment and crypto rewards. The platform design works with their native Azuma Coin (AZUM), which was minted on the Ethereum blockchain and can be bridged to the Polygon blockchain. Azuma-Unification is an expanding multiverse, based on a steampunk-infused feudal Japan style, with updates planned to include unique enhancements to weapons, armor, and costuming. The game includes portals for time travel into alternate timelines, always with the same goal of finding parts of the Great Machine and surviving.

To become a true metaverse, the project must be able to integrate with other platforms. Developers can integrate AZUM rewards in their games via a plugin module and SDK. The team is also developing a cryptocurrency module that will enable other game developers to use their digital currency in their game development. The goal is to see this system in other games and allow developers to expand the possibilities of game economies through the integration of a lightweight, secure in-game module.

Azuma Games is an international project with an experienced team dedicated to developing new and exciting online games that include a digital currency reward system. The landscape of online gaming is constantly evolving, with new developers entering the space and unique styles and genres emerging. The team believes that cryptocurrency is a natural addition to the world of online gaming. The development team is continuously pushing the boundaries to code and compile fast-moving game environments that combine entertaining gameplay and the use of secure structured API’s that make crypto integration possible for developers on most all game design platforms.

At the launch of the game, Azuma Coin will be included as ERC20 tokens in the game as their native currency. Azuma is built on the Ethereum network, the most used and developer-supported smart contract blockchain with a large worldwide community. Azuma coins are compatible with any external wallet that supports Ethereum Tokens. Through the introduction of Azuma coin as a stand-alone currency within the game platform, players will have additional game advantages that only Azuma coin can provide, such as energy, health, and weapons. There are certain game rewards and items that can only be earned or purchased with Azuma coin, which will be phased in with subsequent updates.

Azuma Games has created a platform that is not limited to one coin or system but rather multiple coins that support the game and players. Players have the choice of using Azuma Coin ERC20 or Azuma Coin - Polygon Chain in gameplay. Each coin is tied to specific elements and items in the game and has properties that help players level up and acquire new abilities on the platform.

In summary, Azuma Games seeks to create a gaming platform that combines entertainment with cryptocurrency rewards. With a team dedicated to pushing the boundaries of game development and integrating cryptocurrency, the project has the potential to create a true metaverse that functions across multiple platforms. Through the introduction of Azuma Coin and the development of a cryptocurrency module, the team hopes to see this system in other games, expanding the possibilities of game economies and creating new opportunities for players.


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