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Real Volume (24H)$4.73
Fully Diluted Valuation$373,166
ATH Date8/29/2022, 1:07:12 PM
ATL Date12/8/2022, 2:43:51 PM
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Total Supply19M
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What is AutoSingle?

AutoSingle is a revolutionary product under the Single Finance Lab umbrella, designed to provide a fully automated yield farming experience for farmers who want to save time and minimize losses due to price effect and impermanent loss. With its tailor-made AutoVaults and smart contract technology, AutoSingle offers farmers an easy and effective way to enjoy the benefits of yield farming without having to monitor the market themselves.

The Need for Automated Yield Farming

Many farmers are drawn to yield farming as a way to earn high returns on their investments. However, they often overlook the fact that they can suffer significant losses due to price effect and impermanent loss. Monitoring the market and adjusting positions in a timely manner is essential for successful yield farming, and this requires a significant amount of time and effort.

To address this issue, Single Finance was created to offer capital-protection bot and pseudo market-neutral strategies to help farmers save time and farm with smarter setups. However, even with a pseudo market-neutral strategy, positions may be stopped prematurely, and farmers may suffer losses due to the market's short-term volatility.

The Benefits of AutoSingle

AutoSingle takes automated yield farming to the next level by providing farmers with a fully back-tested AutoVault and smart contract technology that continuously monitors the market. This innovative approach allows farmers to reap substantial yields with minimal manual effort, even if they are less experienced in minimizing impermanent loss and manually adjusting positions.

In addition, AutoSingle offers leveraged yield farming, built on top of the same lending pools as Single Finance. The platform is dedicated to curating new and better automated yield farming strategies, starting with automating their pseudo market-neutral strategies and expanding to more market-neutral strategies with other options/derivatives to hedge against impermanent loss.

For experienced yield farmers who prefer to farm manually, Single Finance is still a great option. However, for beginners who want to give DeFi a try, AutoSingle offers an easy and effective way to get started with yield farming.

In conclusion, AutoSingle is a game-changer for farmers who want to enjoy the benefits of yield farming without the hassle of monitoring the market themselves. With its innovative approach to automated yield farming, AutoSingle offers a simple and effective solution for time-strapped farmers looking to maximize their returns and minimize their losses.


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