Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$4,801,517
Fully Diluted Valuation$94,851,604
ATH Date6/7/2021, 9:04:15 AM
ATL Date11/21/2022, 6:28:37 AM
Circulating Supply331M
Total Supply1B
Popularity Rank471
What is Automata?

The Automata Network, or ATA, is a revolutionary Ethereum-based token that powers a suite of privacy solutions for decentralized applications, or DApps. These solutions include Witness, a private voting solution for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs); Conveyor, which enables prevention of miner extractable value (MEV) for DApps; and Librarian, which enables privacy for data query and indexing on public blockchains.

ATA is at the forefront of the Web3 movement, which aims to bring blockchain technology to the mainstream internet and create a truly decentralized web. The Automata Network is designed to provide all the necessary features and infrastructure to make this vision a reality.

One of the key features of the Automata Network is its private governance. Users can vote on blockchain governance matters without revealing their identity or preferences. Additionally, Automata's MEV minimization feature ensures that no one can view or influence the order of events on the blockchain.

The Automata Network is powered by two types of nodes: Automata Validators and Automata Geodes. Validators are required to stake a reasonable number of tokens and control various control-plane tasks, such as rewarding Geodes that complete tasks. On the other hand, Geodes provide a fair, secure, and simple computation environment for executing tasks. They can also work with data on different blockchains while maintaining privacy.

In addition to token-related activities, the Automata Network offers a variety of features for DApps. These include a ledger plane for managing transactions, a compute plane for privacy-first, multi-blockchain computation, a control plane for safeguarding the protocol and controlling interactions between participants, and a service plane for developing tooling services using Geodes.

Service vendors can use these services to develop tooling for DApps that give users complete control over their data. Additionally, Automata's shielded and unbiased compute plane uses Geode computation to improve privacy for users by hiding data access patterns from hosting nodes.

The Automata Network also offers an elastic and scalable control plane that safeguards the entire protocol and controls interactions between multiple participants. Furthermore, Geode providers and Automata Validators can earn rewards for staking and hosting.

Finally, the Automata Network provides tooling for developers to build advanced decentralized applications without any restrictions. With ATA, the Automata Network is leading the charge in the Web3 movement and bringing privacy, security, and decentralization to the forefront of the internet.


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