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Real Volume (24H)$4.11
Fully Diluted Valuation$28,421
ATH Date11/11/2021, 4:45:02 AM
ATL Date12/22/2022, 6:00:20 PM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply38M
Popularity RankN/A
What is ArtOnline?

ARTonline is revolutionizing the mining industry by offering a groundbreaking solution that combines NFTs with mining capabilities. Through the use of the ARTonline Graphics Card, users can engage in mining activities without the need for expensive setups or high electricity costs. The platform has recently migrated to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain to reduce costs, but its ultimate goal is to develop a customized blockchain specifically designed for ARTonline's mining operations using NFTs. The temporary shift to BSC and the use of ETH as a test net serve as transitional measures.

By adopting this innovative approach, ARTonline aims to create a more inclusive and accessible system for staking and mining tokens, eliminating the reliance on high-end infrastructure and exorbitant electricity expenses. The launch of the NFT-Oriented mining setup by ARTonline signifies a major milestone in the automated mining industry. It offers users the opportunity to mine ARTonline tokens without the need for physical mining equipment such as CPUs and GPUs, resulting in significant cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint.

At the core of ARTonline's mining ecosystem are the ARTonline Graphics Cards, which are unique NFTs that operate independently from traditional mining equipment. Unlike physical mining setups, users do not need to consume electricity or allocate physical space for hardware. Instead, the ARTonline Graphics Card can be securely stored in the user's digital wallet, including popular options like MetaMask.

Each ARTonline Graphics Card is associated with a distinct NFT or ERC1151 token, providing a unique identifier for that specific card. Additionally, every graphics card release will feature its dedicated mining pool, enabling only users who possess the corresponding card to participate in the pool. The rarity of a graphics card directly affects its mining rate, as fewer participants are eligible to engage in the mining process for rarer cards.

To facilitate the trading of these unique NFTs, ARTonline has created a vibrant marketplace where users can buy and sell their ARTonline Graphics Cards. Whether on the platform itself, OpenSea, or other preferred marketplaces, users have the freedom to engage in NFT transactions and explore the ever-evolving NFT market. It is worth noting that once an ARTonline Graphics Card is sold, the user loses access to the associated mining pool. Additionally, any ART tokens used to purchase ARTonline NFTs are automatically burned, providing an added layer of value and scarcity to the ecosystem.

Furthermore, ARTonline employs a decentralized burning mechanism as an additional service offering. With every transaction that takes place within the ecosystem, 2% of the transaction value is sent to a designated wallet where the tokens are systematically burned. This process is fully automated and designed to continuously reduce the token supply, contributing to the overall sustainability and value proposition of the ARTonline ecosystem.

In conclusion, ARTonline is at the forefront of redefining the mining industry by integrating NFTs with mining capabilities. Through the use of ARTonline Graphics Cards, users can engage in virtual mining activities without the need for physical equipment or high electricity costs. The platform's migration to the Binance Smart Chain and its future plans for a bespoke blockchain highlight its commitment to technological innovation and efficiency. By combining cutting-edge technology with decentralized burning mechanisms and a vibrant NFT marketplace, ARTonline offers a unique and sustainable approach to mining that benefits both the community and the environment. Embrace the future of mining with ARTonline and unlock the potential of NFT-based virtual mining today.


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