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Real Volume (24H)$3,725,233.35
Fully Diluted Valuation$67,441,019
Circulating Supply982M
Total Supply1.5B
Popularity Rank567
What is ARPA Chain?

ARPA Chain (ARPA) represents a groundbreaking secure computation network that is compatible with various blockchains. By leveraging secure multi-party computation, ARPA allows individuals to collaborate on functions while ensuring the confidentiality of their inputs. The network also introduces private smart contracts with a strong emphasis on data privacy. Additionally, ARPA implements computational sharding to establish a scalable infrastructure, addressing one of the primary challenges faced by blockchain organizations – scalability.

The ARPA network stands out for its adaptability, user-friendliness, and seamless integration with existing blockchains. Unlike traditional approaches, ARPA reimagines the potential of blockchain technology by focusing on real-world applications. Its protocol enables secure off-chain computation, also known as Layer 2 computing, which eliminates the need for running each transaction on the public network. By confirming outputs only in case of disputes, Layer 2 computing significantly reduces fees associated with every transaction, a crucial factor for network growth.

One of the key objectives of ARPA Chain is to address issues related to data ownership and revenue sharing. Currently, big data firms seldom compensate data owners for the revenue generated from their data. ARPA aims to revolutionize this by allowing users to develop models, reward contributions, and securely store data through a decentralized data-sharing mechanism. By incorporating off-chain computation, ARPA ensures fast performance and facilitates industrial-level processing and storage.

Privacy, security, and confidentiality are major hurdles that impede blockchain adoption. As demand for blockchain and smart contract technologies grows, intellectual property theft and other threats become increasingly prevalent. ARPA serves as an off-chain solution for most blockchain networks, ensuring secure processing and protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access. The platform also employs privacy-preserving smart contracts and facilitates data renting, allowing individuals and businesses to share data while maintaining anonymity.

At its core, ARPA Chain empowers DApp developers by providing them with efficient private smart contracts. These contracts, operating as protocols on the blockchain, protect sensitive data from malicious actors. Furthermore, ARPA enables the renting of personal and business data while ensuring anonymity. By implementing computational sharding, the network establishes a highly scalable infrastructure to accommodate future growth and demand.

The foundation of ARPA Chain is built upon the multi-party computation (MPC) technique. This approach allows multiple parties to compute a function using their respective secret inputs. MPC serves as a programmable framework that combines cryptographic tools, enabling participants to build protocols tailored to their specific requirements in terms of security and efficiency.

The native token of the ARPA Chain ecosystem is ARPA, which fulfills several essential functions within the network. These functions include reimbursing multi-party computation (MPC) members for their computing power contribution, charging data usage fees for each MPC computation to compensate data providers, utilizing ARPA tokens as security deposits for initiating and completing computing jobs, and allowing token holders with a certain number of tokens to participate in community governance through voting.

ARPA Chain was cofounded by a team consisting of Derek Zhang, Felix Xu, Jiang Chen, and Yemu Xu. Felix Xu, who holds the position of CEO, is also a co-founder of the Bella Protocol. He graduated from New York University with a degree in finance and information systems. Yemu Xu serves as the cofounder and chief growth officer of ARPA. The team released the whitepaper detailing their vision and concepts in 2018.

In conclusion, ARPA Chain (ARPA) is a revolutionary secure computation network that integrates seamlessly with blockchains. Through secure multi-party computation and privacy-preserving smart contracts, ARPA ensures data confidentiality while enabling collaboration. The implementation of computational sharding allows for scalability, addressing the issue of limited transaction capacity. With its native token ARPA, the platform provides a range of essential functions within its ecosystem. By redefining blockchain's potential for real-world applications and offering robust privacy and security features, ARPA Chain aims to drive the adoption and evolution of blockchain technology.


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