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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted Valuation$635,246
ATH Date3/24/2022, 9:43:55 PM
ATL Date7/8/2022, 10:27:16 AM
Circulating Supply200M
Total Supply1B
Popularity Rank4183
What is AOK?

Development AOK is a blockchain-based technology that provides a secure and stable environment for users to transfer assets quickly and efficiently. With its advanced PoS 3.0 consensus algorithm, AOK solves the problems of slow transaction speeds and expensive transaction fees associated with the PoW pattern used by Bitcoin. Additionally, AOK uses the UTXO payment system, ensuring that only valid transactions are processed. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of Development AOK in detail.

AOK's advanced PoS 3.0 consensus algorithm ensures that the network is more efficient, safe, and economical than Bitcoin and Ethereum. The algorithm eliminates the need for expensive mining hardware and allows users to stake their tokens to validate transactions and earn rewards. Unlike the PoW pattern used by Bitcoin, which requires miners to solve complex mathematical equations to validate transactions, the PoS 3.0 algorithm uses a more straightforward and energy-efficient approach. As a result, AOK can process transactions in as little as one minute, compared to Bitcoin's 20-minute transfer speed.

AOK uses the UTXO payment system, which is similar to Bitcoin's payment system. UTXO stands for Unspent Transaction Outputs, and it verifies the coin's validity by examining the validity of a transaction through Unused output. Unlike Ethereum's Account Balance Model, where balances are stored in accounts, UTXO verifies each transaction's validity by checking if the output has already been spent or not. This ensures that only valid transactions are processed, making the AOK network more secure and efficient.

AOK allows users to issue their assets and transactions with ease. The token name of AOK cannot be duplicated, and the first issuer issuing the token with that name becomes the owner of the project. The issuer determines the quantity issued, decimals, and whether more identical tokens can be issued in the future. By creating new RPC calls that incorporate tokens into the QT wallet and provide token management, users can easily issue new asset tokens and inform balance and send assets to other users. This feature provides users with the flexibility to create their tokens and customize them according to their needs.

When transactions occur in the AOK mainnet network, a commission fee occurs at least 0.0001 AOK and will be variable depending on the network's congestion. The fee is paid to the steak node where the block is found, along with all block rewards used for that block. This ensures that the network is adequately incentivized and that users are compensated for their contributions to the network.

Development AOK provides a secure, stable, and efficient blockchain network that solves the problems associated with traditional blockchain networks. With its advanced PoS 3.0 consensus algorithm, UTXO payment system, and asset issuing capabilities, AOK provides users with a flexible and customizable platform for transferring assets. Additionally, the network's low transaction fees ensure that users can transfer assets without incurring high costs. Overall, Development AOK is a promising blockchain network that provides users with a secure, fast, and efficient way to transfer assets.


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