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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date6/25/2022, 8:05:29 AM
ATL Date2/2/2023, 12:40:25 AM
Circulating Supply5.5M
Total Supply194M
Popularity Rank3599
What is Alyattes?

Alyattes is a groundbreaking project that seeks to address the prevailing challenges facing the cryptocurrency industry. The project comprises six different platforms, and therefore, it would be inaccurate to evaluate it by considering only one platform. All these platforms work together to form the Alyattes project.

A total of 65% of the maximum total supply is reserved for PoS and PoA mining for the next estimated five years. ALYA Mining is 100% decentralized and green, with a reverse halving plan to keep mining profitable for miners.

The Alya Team aims to build an ecosystem around ALYA Token to add more use cases such as ALYA Wallet, AlyaFinance, AlyaFun, ALYA Swap, ALYA Ex, and ALYA Trading. The team is committed to offering more opportunities to ALYA holders while building these platforms instead of making financial profits for themselves. All these platforms will be built on burning ALYA's as a service fee.

ALYA Token has a 5% taxation on each transaction (BUY/SELL) - 2% distribution to holders - 2% burn - 1% to ALYA Care Foundation. Team wallets like Marketing, Airdrop, R&D, etc. that may have high amounts of ALYA have been excluded from taxation to prevent getting the biggest part of 2% holders bonuses, even though team wallets have been locked via Pinksale through a 1-year vesting plan.

ALYA Team is aware of children in various parts of the world who cannot even meet their basic life needs, such as clean drinking water, vaccines, or medical support. Therefore, ALYACare is going to be established as a legal foundation under UAE and provide aid to these children. We recognize that today's children are our future.

One of the unique features of Alyattes is that it offers a comprehensive solution-oriented token that addresses existing problems in the cryptocurrency industry. Additionally, the project comprises different platforms that are interdependent, making it a more sustainable project. The ALYA Mining platform is also unique in that it is 100% decentralized and green, making it more eco-friendly than other mining platforms.

The total maximum supply of ALYA is yet to be released. However, 65% of the maximum total supply is reserved for PoS and PoA mining for the next estimated five years. The remaining supply will be distributed among different platforms, including Alya Wallet, AlyaFinance, AlyaFun, ALYA Swap, ALYA Ex, and ALYA Trading.

The Alyattes team recognizes the importance of giving back to the community. As such, they have established the ALYA Care Foundation, which will provide aid to children in need worldwide. By focusing on children's basic needs, such as clean water and medical support, the foundation is making a difference in the lives of many children, ensuring they have a better future.

Alyattes is a project with a vision to make a difference in the cryptocurrency industry while also giving back to the community. The project's unique features, including the interdependence of different platforms and a green and decentralized mining platform, make it a more sustainable project. The establishment of ALYA Care Foundation is an excellent initiative to improve the lives of children worldwide, ensuring they have a brighter future.


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