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Real Volume (24H)$18,324,212.8
Fully Diluted Valuation$24,027,214
ATH Date11/3/2021, 5:27:14 AM
ATL Date7/19/2021, 2:10:53 PM
Circulating Supply720M
Total Supply990M
Popularity Rank994
What is Altura?

Altura (ALU) is a smart contract platform that enables game developers to create, distribute, and trade smart non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing in-game items. The platform provides an infrastructure for the future of in-game items and digital assets, making decentralized in-game content possible and offering opportunities that are not available with traditional NFTs.

Smart NFTs have dynamic properties that can be changed with certain conditions, making them the next step in the evolution of NFTs. Altura aims to create an open and accessible user interface for creating smart NFTs and an open marketplace for transacting NFTs on the blockchain network.

One of the biggest problems in the gaming industry is the lack of ownership that gamers have over their in-game items. Game developers have centralization and control over in-game items, meaning that gamers do not truly own their items and do not have the freedom to send, receive, and trade them. Altura seeks to solve this problem by leveraging the power of cryptocurrencies, allowing gamers to have actual ownership of their digital items and collectibles.

The Altura platform provides an easy-to-use interface for creators to mint new NFTs, and the platform works on the Binance blockchain network. Binance Smart Chain is a decentralized digital asset exchange based on a high-performance engine. The platform also provides for loot boxes, a source of revenue for many game developers that helps players unlock random in-game items. These loot boxes are also a type of NFT that can be traded.

Altura provides a marketplace where NFTs can be traded, allowing anyone to list their NFTs for any price and auction them. However, users can only see NFTs made by verified game developers. The platform also provides various tools for developers to mint, access, and transfer NFTs within video games.

The Altura token (ALU) is the native token of the Altura platform and is used to buy and sell NFTs. Game developers also receive a commission from such transactions in the form of ALU. Thus, the token is both a transaction token and a governance token.

Altura was launched in the second quarter of 2021 by a founding team that includes Majd Hailat and Maxim Sindall. Hailat is the lead developer and a young entrepreneur who has been investing in the crypto space since 2019. Sindall developed an educational program called Understanding Computing, where he helped students understand blockchain.

The maximum total supply of the ALU token is 1,000,000,000 ALU. Whenever a transaction happens on the platform, game developers get a cut, and users can also earn tokens by trading their in-game items or selling their loot boxes. Developers specify their fee every time an NFT gets transacted in the future, providing an ever-lasting passive income for the developer.

In conclusion, Altura is a revolutionary platform that solves the problem of ownership in the gaming industry by enabling gamers to have actual ownership of their digital items and collectibles. The platform's smart NFTs and marketplace offer new opportunities for game developers to earn revenue and provide an open and accessible user interface for creating and trading NFTs. With Altura, the future of in-game items and digital assets is bright.


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