Alpine F1 Team Fan Token

Alpine F1 Team Fan Token


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$1,278,346.71
Fully Diluted Valuation$84,582,475
ATH Date3/12/2022, 2:02:59 PM
ATL Date5/12/2022, 10:20:09 AM
Circulating Supply11M
Total Supply40M
Popularity Rank1074
What is Alpine F1 Team Fan Token?

The Alpine F1 Team Fan Token (ALPINE) is a Binance Smart Chain-based cryptocurrency aimed at enhancing the fan experience for supporters of BWT Alpine F1, an auto racing team. This Binance Fan token offers a wide range of perks to token holders, including the right to vote in fan engagement sessions, access to fan rewards and digital collectibles, and the opportunity to interact with the team and its drivers.

The Alpine Fan Token is built to BEP-20 standards, ensuring accessibility, functionality, and lower transaction costs for BWT Alpine F1 Team fans. With its compliance to this token standard, the ALPINE token aims to provide a blockchain-powered one-stop-shop for fan engagement and governance solutions.

In addition to the current use cases of fan voting and rewards, the ALPINE token has plans for future features such as gamification elements and direct donations to the team. The total supply of the ALPINE token is 40 million, with a team of Guillaume Vergnas, Achille Dulac, Angela Liu, and Matthias Moulin behind the project.

The ALPINE token looks to revolutionize the relationship between the BWT Alpine F1 Team and its fans, providing them with a cutting-edge solution to deepen their connection and engagement with the team. Whether it's through voting sessions, NFTs, fan rewards, or other experiences, the ALPINE Fan Token is designed to provide a rich and rewarding experience for all BWT Alpine F1 Team supporters.

BWT Alpine F1 Team and Binance joined forces to launch the Alpine F1 Team Fan Token (ALPINE) in order to bring fans closer to the team and improve their overall experience. As a Binance Fan Token, ALPINE operates on the Binance Smart Chain and offers token holders special fan privileges and benefits.

The main focus of the ALPINE project is to enhance the connection between the BWT Alpine F1 Team and its fans. The token allows fans to participate in team polls, purchase NFTs, and enjoy gamification features tied to fan rewards and exclusive experiences. ALPINE holders can also stake their BWT Alpine F1 Team NFTs to receive fan rewards, digital collectibles, and other perks.

ALPINE complies with BEP-20 standards, which define the rules of token usage on the Binance Smart Chain. This not only ensures greater accessibility and lower transaction costs for fans, but also provides the team with a one-stop solution for fan engagement and governance through the Binance Fan Token Platform. The future use cases of ALPINE include further gamification elements, donation opportunities to the team, and a proof-of-loyalty badge for supporters.

The Alpine F1 Team Fan Token project was founded by a team of four individuals: Guillaume Vergnas, Achille Dulac, Angela Liu, and Matthias Moulin. The total supply of the ALPINE token is capped at 40 million tokens. With its combination of fan engagement and blockchain technology, the Alpine F1 Team Fan Token (ALPINE) represents a new era in fan-team relations and provides a unique opportunity for fans to support and interact with their favorite racing team.


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