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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date4/16/2021, 7:44:15 AM
ATL Date8/10/2020, 11:01:29 AM
Circulating Supply12M
Total Supply15M
Popularity Rank4381
What is AllSafe?

AllSafe is a global online community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are dedicated to driving positive change in finance and technology. The community welcomes anyone who is passionate about blockchain, whether they are a seasoned trader or a talented developer, and encourages them to contribute their time, skills and resources to the future of decentralized finance.

The backbone of the AllSafe project is the AllSafe Foundation, which manages funds and intellectual property. Unlike traditional organizations, the foundation takes a passive role and acts as a resources host, while select individuals within the community carry out day-to-day duties. All activities are open for public assessment, and key decisions are made through democratic voting.

The goal of the project is to manage AllSafe coin as a sustainable financial instrument, and this is achieved through the work of talented individuals committed to the soundness and active development of AllSafe, as well as the advancement of the crypto industry as a whole. The team believes that trust in the underlying technology and market strength is essential to success, and they focus their efforts accordingly.

AllSafe Coin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency based on a customized version of the PIVX wallet, with technology derived from the Dash, Peercoin and Bitcoin blockchains. The aim is to develop a decentralized finance product that is on par with the latest blockchain innovations, while managing AllSafe coin as a self-sustaining crypto asset with a stable market valuation.

The ultimate goal of the project is to issue, manage and promote AllSafe coin as a sustainable, decentralized crypto economics asset. The team recognizes the importance of overcoming the adoption-speculation dilemma, which they believe is the key determinant of success. To achieve this, they plan to manage the project through initial and mid-stages, until demand is balanced by sustainable adoption, without compromising their core principles of decentralization.

To achieve the objectives, AllSafe is pursuing simultaneous development across three key areas: community, investment, and adoption. The most important branch is community, which encompasses anyone involved in the project, including developers, investors, and users. The team believes that every contribution counts and that the project can benefit from diverse perspectives and talents.

To promote a thriving community, AllSafe creates an accessible environment that encourages the involvement of key talents and resources, without the need for a centralized bureaucratic structure. By facilitating diverse contributions, they hope to foster better investment options for the community, such as masternodes and regular staking, which are currently only directly accessible by running an active node at all times.

At AllSafe, they believe that their decentralized approach to cryptocurrency management, coupled with a thriving community of contributors and supporters, will help to drive sustainable adoption and promote the development of the crypto industry as a whole. By focusing on innovation, transparency, and inclusivity, they aim to empower a truly decentralized crypto economy for everyone.


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