Alliance Fan Token

Alliance Fan Token


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$43.6
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date3/13/2021, 2:49:28 AM
ATL Date5/12/2022, 6:46:49 AM
Circulating Supply1.3M
Total Supply5M
Popularity Rank3421
What is Alliance Fan Token?

Fan tokens are the latest buzzword in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. As the name suggests, these tokens are designed for fans of sports teams who want to have a more active role in supporting their clubs. In this article, we will take a closer look at what fan tokens are, how they work, and how they are changing the game for sports fans around the world.

In simple terms, fan tokens are digital assets that represent ownership or membership in a particular sports team. These tokens are built on specialized blockchains that are designed to support tokens, such as the Ethereum blockchain and their ERC standard tokens. Fan tokens are typically issued by sports organizations through platforms like, which is an app primarily for football (soccer) fans. enables users to acquire voting rights to influence the clubs they support by acquiring club-specific Fan tokens. The platform is built on the chiliZ ($CHZ) token, which is an ERC20 utility token on the Ethereum blockchain. $CHZ serves as the digital currency for the chiliZ and platform.

The process of acquiring fan tokens starts with the launch of a Fan Token Offering (FTO) by a sports club. Fans must purchase $CHZ via a cryptocurrency exchange to participate in the FTO and acquire Fan Tokens. These tokens are finite, digital assets that provide access to an encrypted ledger of voting and membership rights ownership.

Once a fan has acquired a club-specific Fan Token, they can use it to participate in various activities and decision-making processes related to the team. For example, fans may be able to vote on aspects such as kit designs, stadium upgrades, and player transfers. This gives fans a more active role in supporting their teams and a greater sense of ownership over the decision-making process.

Fan tokens have the potential to revolutionize the way fans engage with their favorite sports teams. They provide a direct line of communication between fans and clubs, enabling fans to have a say in the direction and decision-making processes of their teams.

One example of a sports organization that is embracing fan tokens is Alliance, a world-renowned esports organization. Alliance fields competitive players across some of the most popular video games in the world, and their Dota 2 team, headed by Jonathan 'Loda' Berg, claimed the Aegis of Champions when they won The International 2013.

Alliance's mission is to create a lasting legacy that supports esports experiences across the globe. By leveraging fan tokens, Alliance is able to provide their fans with a more active role in the decision-making process of the organization. Fans can acquire Alliance Fan Tokens and use them to vote on various aspects of the organization, such as team branding, player acquisitions, and community events.

In conclusion, fan tokens are a game-changer for sports fans around the world. By providing a more direct line of communication between fans and clubs, fan tokens enable fans to have a more active role in supporting their teams. As more sports organizations embrace this technology, the potential for fan tokens to revolutionize the sports industry is truly exciting.


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