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Real Volume (24H)$158,127.6
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date8/27/2021, 5:12:32 AM
ATL Date6/14/2022, 1:23:05 AM
Circulating Supply102M
Total Supply250M
Popularity Rank949
What is Alkimi?

The digital advertising industry is rapidly evolving with the rise of technology. However, despite the numerous advantages that digital advertising provides, it is still plagued by issues of transparency, high fees, and fraud. Alkimi aims to address these issues and promote accountability within the digital advertising space through its blockchain-based decentralized advertising platform.

Alkimi Exchange, built on the constellation network, is designed to reduce transaction fees, increase transparency, and provide a verifiable supply chain for advertisers. By storing all records of services and engagement onto the blockchain in an irrefutable manner, Alkimi aims to increase accountability within the digital advertising space. The platform also aims to implement industry standards to define different types of data, which can help identify and restrict fraudulent activity in real-time.

The adoption of technology also provides numerous benefits for both publishers and end-users. Publishers can audit their buyers on the platform, monetize their bandwidth through ads, and benefit from faster loading times. Meanwhile, end-users can benefit from a faster and more efficient digital advertising experience.

Central to the Alkimi Exchange platform is the idea of a fair distribution of revenues. This is where the $ADS token comes into play, serving as the native currency on the platform and helping to facilitate fairness and equality. $ADS is an ERC-20 token that is backed by the utility asset L_o token, which will serve commercial entities and other participants of the network.

In conclusion, Alkimi aims to revolutionize the digital advertising industry by addressing the major issues that currently exist. Through its blockchain-based platform and the adoption of innovative technologies, Alkimi seeks to promote accountability, increase transparency, and provide a fair and efficient digital advertising experience for all parties involved.

The Alkimi Exchange platform would create a fairer ecosystem for all participants of the digital advertising industry. By using the blockchain technology and its transparency features, Alkimi aims to mitigate the issues of fraud, inefficiency, and high fees that currently plague the industry. The platform would provide a transparent record of all services and engagement, allowing advertisers to verify if their products reach the intended end-users.

In addition to its transparency features, the Alkimi Exchange platform would also offer faster and more cost-effective transactions due to its use of the constellation network. The platform would also allow publishers to monetize their bandwidth through ads, rather than monetizing their advertisements through bandwidth, leading to faster loading times for end-users.

The Alkimi Exchange platform would be powered by the $ADS token, an ERC-20 token that serves as the native currency on the platform. The token would facilitate the fair distribution of revenues among all participants of the network, including commercial entities and other stakeholders. The $ADS token would be backed by the utility asset L_o token, further ensuring the stability and utility of the token.

In conclusion, Alkimi aims to create a blockchain-based decentralized advertising platform that offers increased transparency, reduced fees, and fair revenue distribution to all participants of the digital advertising industry. With its innovative features and use of cutting-edge technology, Alkimi seeks to revolutionize the way digital advertising operates, creating a more efficient and equitable marketplace for all.


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