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What is Airbloc?

In today's age, data is everything. Companies rely on it to gain insights into their customers' behavior and improve their products, services, and marketing strategies. However, collecting and analyzing customer data can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it helps businesses understand their customers better, but on the other hand, it raises serious concerns about privacy.

Airbloc is a data exchange platform that prioritizes privacy. It allows companies to exchange data within a data alliance while ensuring the privacy of customer data. With Airbloc, businesses can gain deeper insights into customer behavior without sacrificing their privacy.

Data fragmentation is a significant challenge for businesses that operate in data alliances. With Airbloc, companies can connect fragmented customer data across different enterprises within data alliances. This helps them gain further insights into customer behavior, product development, marketing, research, customer experience, and business intelligence.

Airbloc enables real-time data exchange via HTTPS connection in a privacy-compliant manner. It ensures that data exchange takes place in compliance with data privacy laws through its consent-management and data exchange platform.

Airbloc provides participating enterprises in the data alliance with REST APIs to read and update their customers' consent information (opt-in, opt-out) regarding data collection and utilization. Opted-out customers' data are automatically deleted within one business day.

Participating enterprises within the data alliance can send and receive data in JSON/application format from inbound/outbound channels such as REST API. Additionally, quantitative data can be exchanged using batch file dumping via AWS S3.

Data compliance is critical for businesses that collect and analyze customer data. Airbloc ensures end-to-end compliance in data exchange and utilization by uploading hashed customer consent information onto the blockchain through smart contracts.

Airbloc's Data Lab is a Korean consumer trend analysis developed to help businesses gain deeper insights into consumer behaviors and patterns. As Klaytn's blockchain ecosystem partner, Airbloc relies on Klaytn's blockchain to collect and manage information regarding personal data usage consent to ensure the integrity of data provenance and data flows.

Airbloc's platform also helps manage budgets for marketing campaigns, campaign triggering conditions, and frequency capping for the automation of joint-marketing activities. In addition to its privacy-compliant data exchange capabilities, Airbloc simplifies the management of marketing campaigns, making it an all-in-one solution for businesses.

Airbloc prioritizes data privacy while enabling businesses to gain deeper insights into their customers' behavior. With its privacy-first approach and end-to-end data compliance capabilities, Airbloc is the perfect platform for companies looking to connect fragmented customer data across different enterprises, simplify customer consent management, and exchange shared customer data in real-time.


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