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Adamant Coin


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$170.69
Fully Diluted Valuation$395,639
ATH Date1/21/2022, 3:06:18 PM
ATL Date10/29/2021, 1:58:29 AM
Circulating Supply223B
Total Supply1T
Popularity Rank3107
What is Adamant Coin?

Adamant is a unique frictionless yield-generating contract that is built to enable community participation in charitable works. The token contract aims to create a community token with a self-generating income mechanism for its holders while allowing them to donate to the community charity of their choice every quarter. With this innovative approach, Adamant is helping bridge the gap between the cryptocurrency space and social impact.

The tokenomics of Adamant employ a static reward system wherein 10% of every transaction is split into four parts. The first part, which is 2%, is distributed among the token holders as a reward. The second part, which is 2.5%, fuels the liquidity pool on the Pancake Swap decentralized exchange. The third part, which is 3%, is burned, while the final part, which is 2.5%, goes to the charity wallet. The burn mechanism employed by Adamant is unique as it sends tokens into the burn address, which further increases burns as the burn address also receives a portion of the redistribution.

Adamant believes in making a social impact, and as such, the team has set up a system where every quarter, users can vote on a charity nature. The winning charity nature receives all the tax received into the charity wallet throughout that quarter. The team has designed this mechanism to enable the community to participate actively in social impact while generating passive income.

The initial total supply of ADMC tokens is 1,000,000,000,000, and the tokenomics employ a 3% burn and 2% redistribution in every transaction. This means that as tokens are burned, the total supply of ADMC tokens decreases, and their value increases. The team has also set up the Adamant mine game smart contract, which rewards players with tokens. These tokens are then split into three parts, with 60% going to the burn address, 20% to the player's wallet, and 20% to the charity wallet.

Adamant is founded by a team of three individuals led by CEO Dominic Go. Dominic is a medical doctor with over five years of experience in investing in the stock market and cryptocurrency. He has a trading company in the Philippines and is passionate about blockchain technology. The lead developer, Oscar Abrina, holds a master's degree in engineering and is a software engineer and a full-stack developer for Amazon web. Finally, the team's blockchain developer, Jose Abril Jr., has made many successful blockchain projects in the past. The team has a shared vision of making a social impact through cryptocurrency and is committed to ensuring that Adamant achieves its goal.

Adamant is a unique token with a social impact, enabling holders to generate passive income while participating in charitable works. The team's commitment to making a social impact is commendable, and the tokenomics employed are innovative, ensuring that the value of the token increases as more tokens are burned. The community's involvement in charitable works through the voting mechanism and the Adamant mine game is also a significant feature that sets Adamant apart from other tokens. Overall, Adamant is a token with a bright future, and it will be exciting to see how the team continues to innovate and make a social impact.


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