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Real Volume (24H)$6.72
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date10/31/2021, 11:55:42 AM
ATL Date12/17/2022, 2:29:05 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total SupplyN/A
Popularity Rank4253
What is ADAcash?

ADACash (ADACASH) is a native cryptocurrency of the Cashverse platform, which supports two types of tokens, including ADACash and SOLCash. While ADACash operates on the Binance Smart Chain, SOLCash operates on the Solana blockchain. The platform is focused on providing passive income to its users through various means. According to its website, Cashverse aims to offer a range of products and services that provide cryptocurrency trading information and research. The platform is dedicated to creating long-term investment tokens that promote integrity and utility.

In a market rife with scammers and fraudulent coins, Cashverse strives to be transparent, delivering projects with integrity and genuine value. The platform aims to foster a community that supports the development of a utility token that contributes to a better future. Cashverse claims to offer more than a user's local bank, providing multiple ways to generate passive income.

One way to earn passive income on the platform is by holding at least one of the platform's tokens in your wallet. The reflection token rewards holders by automatically adding new cryptocurrency to their wallet. Cashverse distributes 10% of each transaction between all token holders every 60 minutes, offering a passive income stream that does not require active participation.

Another way to earn rewards on the platform is by playing the non-fungible token (NFT) game, Cashemon, which is currently under development. The game offers various ways to earn incentives. Users can also stake their tokens and earn rewards. For every token staked, the user can earn three additional tokens.

ADACash launched on December 12, 2021, and the platform started its staking program in the first quarter of 2022. The Cashverse team comprises Daniel, CEO and CTO, Zach Horn, VP, and Marketing Manager, Brian and Derek, RL Marketing, David, Reddit Manager, and Jason, Social Media Manager. The platform's total supply of ADACash is 1,000,000,000 coins.

Cashverse seeks to offer a secure and reliable platform, with TechRate audits available to ensure user safety. The platform aims to create a community that supports long-term investment and collaboration through joint ventures and partnerships. Cashverse is committed to charitable donations, with 2% of all token sales donated to charities having a global impact.

In conclusion, ADACash (ADACASH) is a native cryptocurrency of the Cashverse platform, offering various ways to generate passive income through holding, staking, and NFT gaming. The platform aims to create a community that supports long-term investment and collaboration through partnerships and joint ventures while ensuring user safety with TechRate audits. Cashverse's charitable donations ensure a positive impact on society, making it an excellent investment opportunity for users looking for a reliable and ethical platform.


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