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What is 2gather?

The world of cryptocurrency is rapidly evolving and so is the technology that surrounds it. That's where 2GATHER comes in. The name itself has two meanings: ‘to-gather’ and ‘together’. And that's precisely what this platform does, it brings together investors and traders to utilize the most advanced trading tools and technology, combined with the wisdom of the community, to achieve maximum returns in the cryptocurrency markets.

2GATHER is one of the leading cryptocurrency market investment management platforms, offering a unique infrastructure with three main benefits, including:

  1. 2GATHER peer-2-peer Asset Platform
  2. 2GATHER 2Go Portal
  3. Liquidity Aggregation/Algorithmic Trading

The 2GATHER peer-2-peer Asset Platform is the essence and core of our infrastructure. It offers investors the opportunity to browse through trading models provided by professional traders and choose to "follow" whomever they wish to match their goals. All users can get a clear picture of the current and past performances of each trading model.

2GATHER platform does not allocate the money to anyone but rather implements the person's own decision. At the same time, the platform automatically replicates all the trading activity of a chosen model directly into the investors' accounts at 2GATHER. This action provides a unique peer-2-peer experience along with the safety of funds for both investors and traders.

Investors from all around the world can compare the performance of hundreds of successful cryptocurrency traders at any time and choose to mirror their trades automatically to their account. Traders benefit from success fees generated by profitable trading, while investors can relax, knowing that their funds are following the successful and professional model of an industry.

2GATHER offers a great opportunity to utilize the wisdom of experienced traders in order to achieve positive trading results securely, making it the ultimate venue where successful digital asset traders meet new investors, in a transparent, safe, and efficient peer-2-peer investment environment.

2GATHER strongly believes in the importance of education when it comes to cryptocurrency. With the rapidly changing technology world, the 2GATHER team feels the necessity to stay alarmed. It is also our job to educate the platform users, as we are offering them a vehicle to invest their money.

While investing in cryptocurrency is always a risky endeavor, there are certainly plenty of rewards to be gained as well, and that's why we believe offering a large portal for our users to grow their knowledge of the crypto industry is very important.

2Go Portal is the most complete educational resource and knowledge base built by traders for users. It features the latest market news, unique content created by leading crypto experts aimed at educating the community, sharing trading ideas, and discussing latest market developments.

It will also include Crypto Trading 101, explaining the essentials of cryptocurrency investing, as well as video tutorials to help new investors. For experienced traders, advanced trading tutorials, strategies, and technical analysis from industry professionals will be included for their knowledge. There will also be a community dashboard where investors and traders can freely communicate with each other for information. With 2Go Portal, the users can not only get knowledge and information but also feel included and accepted by the community. It plan to have the 2Go Portal become the largest, community-oriented, and continuously growing knowledge resource for investors.

In conclusion, 2GATHER is a cutting-edge investment platform that brings together the best of peer-to-peer trading and cryptocurrency expertise. By providing a transparent, secure, and community-driven investment environment, 2GATHER offers a unique opportunity for investors to maximize returns in the highly dynamic cryptocurrency markets. Through its peer-to-peer asset platform, 2Go Portal, and advanced trading station, the platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools and resources for traders of all levels, from novices to seasoned professionals. With the TWO token, investors have a chance to benefit from the success of top-performing traders and build their crypto portfolios. As 2GATHER continues to evolve and attract more users, it is confident that it will become one of the leading cryptocurrency investment platforms in the market.


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