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What is 1World?

Online content consumption on websites has been struggling to align with advertising practices. This issue has been generating a conflict between the need to offer a good user experience and the necessity to serve as much advertising as possible to make the business model work. The media industry, including the online publishing, advertising, and internet services sectors, has been facing several challenges. These challenges include the retention of readers, the fast growth of ad-blockers, extensive fraud problems in monetization, and the questionable practices in the industry.

The media industry has been struggling to create a sustainable solution to this problem. The industry needs to incorporate new technologies, implement new user experiences, and support proper business models to achieve a real and sustainable solution. One potential solution is to use the blockchain technology, which could offer a new type of relationship among the three parties involved in the "Industry Triangle" (Readers -- Publishers -- Advertisers).

1World Interactive Platform is an innovative solution that combines a best-in-industry set of engagement and monetization tools such as Polls, Quizzes, Debates, Trivia, Insights, Interactive Maps, and more. The platform has state-of-the-art analytics and audience insights, including AI-powered backend plug-ins, and it aggregates programmatic and direct deal advertising services linked to 1World widgets. 1World is currently in the pilot phase with additional monetization services, such as commercial data collection in the form of paid mini-surveys via an existing research marketplace and traffic generation tools.

To increase engagement, gamification, and monetization options, 1World introduced its own cryptocurrency called 1WO Coins or Tokens in the fall of 2017. This move resulted in an unprecedented win-win-win model between publishers, their audiences, and the services offered to them (ads, research, content syndication, etc.). 1World serves as an intelligent layer that connects blockchain-authenticated users with various services offered via smart contracts. The platform also offers a business model via commission on such services delivered via 1World widgets.

The media industry has been struggling to balance the need to create and maintain good content encapsulated within a good user experience (UX) and the need to make money via advertising (especially programmatic). People who use ad-blockers are now dealing with soft or hard warnings that content will be available only if they turn off their blockers, which creates a "no-win" situation between publishers and their audiences.

1World is a firm believer in motivating readers of the web sites to come visit more often by giving them incentives for their engagements and contributions, and offering a choice of being exposed or not to the ads on the site. All these elements have to come together to make the "Reader – Publisher -- Advertiser" triangle work. The 1World platform has been providing the tools and the network for deployments since 2013, and the next step is further decentralizing it and introducing 1World (1WO) Tokens that will be circulating in this triangle and bringing benefits to all parties involved: namely, readers earn for engagement, publishers get new revenue streams, and advertisers receive discounts and access to widespread diversified and attractive inventory.

The 1World decentralized economy is already developed and will be built further around the concept of connecting audiences on a variety of websites with services from various providers. These providers include advertising (programmatic ads and direct deals), research (via commercial polls and mini-surveys), traffic tools for generating traffic to and from other sites, data exchange (passing information to third-party analytics systems such as DMP), and other future services that can be routed via 1World.

In conclusion, the 1World Interactive Platform is a revolutionary solution to the challenges facing the media industry and online publishing, advertising, and internet services sectors. By combining engagement and monetization tools with state-of-the-art analytics and audience insights, the platform offers a Win-Win-Win model for publishers, audiences, and services offered to them. With the introduction of its own cryptocurrency (1WO Coins or Tokens), 1World is further increasing engagement, gamification, and monetization options for all parties involved. By embracing a decentralized model, 1World is paving the way for a digital economy that prioritizes the rights and incentives of legitimate active participants, bringing more value to them and creating a sustainable solution for the industry.


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